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Ellen Stouffer

Ellen Stouffer has been creating art since graduating from college with a double major in Art Education and Fine Arts. Ellen taught art for 25 years and those experiences in the classroom were a wonderful lab in which to grow her ideas and gain inspiration for her art. Ellen's professional career began with Lang Graphics in 1984. Mr. Lang ask her to create a calendar with her very personal Sampler designs. Her art work is sometimes fun and whimsical, sometimes touching and heartfelt, sometimes historical and commemorative. Some of her art reflects her desire to express God’s words through her painted images. She is well known through-out the world for her Sampler paintings, her work being sold on every continent. Ellen lives with her husband Bill in an 1848 Gothic cottage called "Never Finished." They share their home with all kinds of assorted outdoor critters and their 3 household cats. Bill, who is also an artist, has planted hundreds of trees that form a backdrop for Ellen’s visual world and artistic stimulation.

2021 Calendars
Stouffer Folk at Home
Birds in the Country

Fred Swan

A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Fred Swan is completely self-taught as an artist.  His meticulous attention to detail gives his paintings an immediately recognizable style. His paintings are filled with nostalgia and warmth.  The extreme realism and beauty of his creations cause others to look to the future and remark, “Now that is the kind of peaceful setting I want when I retire.”     

     Fred’s paintings are found in many private and corporate collections including those of Johnson and Johnson and the estate of Malcolm Forbes.  He has been a Yankee Magazine feature artist, is a past winner of The Saturday Evening Post Cover Contest, and has been featured in many national publications.     

     Due to the length of time necessary to complete a painting (500 hrs. on average) he is often unable to fulfill the demand for his original acrylics.  Each image is richly rural, a way of life experienced by few, but fondly remembered by many.  These qualities have earned Swan a lofty reputation as one of our nation’s finest landscape artists.

2021 Calendars
Time for Old Barns
Seasons in the Country

Sherri Buck Baldwin

Dreams really do come true and talented artist Sherri Buck Baldwin is living hers. For the past 25 years she has realized her dream of working from her home studio creating popular artwork. With a keen eye for detail and fine rendering techniques, her recognizable designs depict a wide range of popular subjects. Sherri creates her stunning artwork using watercolor, colored pencil, acrylic inks, soft pastels, and relief prints, often using more than one medium to create her piece. Finding fresh ways to express herself through her art continues to be challenging, yet rewarding. Sherri’s philosophy is that if you find work you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life!

2021 Calendars
Birds & Blossoms
Herbs from The Garden

Ned Young

A shape, color, personality or occurrence, these are just some of the things of which artist Ned Young is constantly aware. It is because of this sense of awareness and ability to observe that Ned's art, prints and posters continue to rise in both appeal and popularity. A self-taught artist, Ned maintains that aside from the very basic principles that are taught in a structured academic framework, the best teacher is the one inside yourself. Thus, instead of being confined to a classroom with only one teacher's perspective and bias, Ned chose to study the great works of such artists as N.C. Wyeth, Andrew Wyeth, Jamie Wyeth, Edward Hopper, and Winslow Homer. These artists have painted their own unique surroundings with both strong emotions and depth.

"I have to be emotionally connected to a circumstance before the creative process can begin, and then, and only then, will a painting really sing. Without that very personal connection, the reason for painting doesn't exist, and without the reason it would just become a task and not an extension or a sharing of myself." Ned Young's art, prints and posters are filled with straightforward, truthful images that are blended with both memories and a roaming, childlike imagination.

He has a unique ability to make the viewers of his work feel as though they have visited or actually participated in his art, prints and posters. The places and objects he shares with have a wonderful familiarity about them. Ned and his wife Melanie have three children and live in the Northern Utah town where he grew up. His paintings hang in private and corporate collections throughout the world. 

2021 Calendars
Quiet Days & Peaceful Seasons
Farmstead Friends
Be Outdoors

George Kovach

George Kovach began his career in his hometown of Miami, Fla. Where he worked for an advertising agency. Though George enjoyed his work with the ad agency, he realized that his true love was fine art. However, it would be almost ten years before he took the plunge and became a full time artist.

George grew up admiring and studying the techniques of the Hudson River Artist. He studied and graduated from the Miami Art Institute. While there George began to express and develop his own natural talent in painting. Shortly afterward,
George made Texas his adopted home, and after painting a thousand miles of country roads, windmills, oil derricks, oak trees, millions of blue bonnets and Indian Paint Brush, Kovach paintings now speak for themselves. George has always said that tenacity and determination are best friends to one's talent.

Though the well-known Texas Hill Country has long had a claim on George's pallet, he has also devoted time to depicting home, family and community. His patriotic paintings easily awaken a sense of pride in our freedom and democracy, whether the scene is of a festive display of fireworks or of a family working or playing together.

Kovach paintings and limited edition prints are collected worldwide. 

George has enjoyed many awards and honors. From top selling prints and recognition as one of America's artist to "watch" in U.S. Art Magazine, to the most recent "National Guest Artist" for Milwaukee Public Television.

2021 Calendars
The Holy Hill
Treasured Memories

Greg Alexander

After 38 years as a full time artist, Greg Alexander is considered one of the finest painters of the natural world. His sensitive interpretation, his ability to create wild personalities, and his dramatic use of light makes his work sought after by collectors worldwide. Alexander comes to an understanding by being a quiet observer of the personalities he paints. He is emotionally impacted before he picks up the tools of his trade. It takes Greg four weeks to complete an oil painting, and a lifetime of understanding to create a piece. His gift has earned him ten state conservation stamps, 2003 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Artist of the Year, and 2006 Wild Turkey Federation Artist of the Year. He has sold over 500,000 pieces of artwork produced by the Bradford Exchange.

Alexander deeply rooted passion started at the age of six when he watched his father take a plain white sheet of paper, and a pencil and created a beautiful pair of lions resting on a rock. After high school Greg enrolled in an art college, and instead of being impressed with the class technique, he felt as though it was pulling him away from his deep desire to paint the natural world. After one semester of floundering, Greg walked into the deans office and explained his feelings by showing his portfolio. The dean looked at his work, paused for a moment, and said “This school is not for you Greg. You need to keep going on your own, teach yourself as you have been with your reference photography and get out there and be close to the subjects you love to paint.” After being granted permission to pursue his talents on his own terms, it wasn’t long before Greg left St. Paul, Minnesota to head for the south shore of Lake Superior. There he rented a remote log cabin for four years. The $150 monthly rent proved to be a cheap tuition for his self-guided education. After four years in that cabin, Greg honed his skills to create artwork that inspires and captivates others. His dedication, his desire and a love for Gods creation, makes Greg’s one of the countries premier Wildlife Artists today.

Greg currently makes his home near Ashland, Wisconsin with his wife Gina, and two daughters, Leisha and Marilyn. In the north woods he has more beautiful scenes than one can paint in a lifetime. Greg also is a National Registered EMT and Firefighter. He feels truly blessed!

2021 Calendars
Deer in the Woods

Heide Presse

Combining her interests in art, history, and sewing, Heide Presse's paintings reveal many talents. Painting 19th century subjects has allowed her to indulge in those interests by learning to sew period quilts and garments as a way to maintain accuracy in her compositions. She also participates in living history events in order to have a better understanding of the lives of the people she is striving to portray.

Heide has always enjoyed reading journals, and when she discovered those written by folks as they traveled the overland trails of the mid 1800’s, she became inspired to open a window into their lives with her art. Moments of daily life are among her favorite subjects, and her use of light and rich color brings beauty to the ordinary. Heide's painting subjects range from complex historical scenes to simpler still lifes and figurative studies. Painting historic subjects, which no longer exist, present many challenges. Heide obtains her reference by visiting living history museums and events, while traveling to experience the actual landscapes and places.  She also has established friendships with authentic re-enactors, and works with historians who are teaching her about the clothing and material culture of the 19th century. For props Heide uses items purchased from people who create authentic reproductions, and she also sews her own period garments. This enables her to dress models herself in addition to working with re-enactors. She regularly searches antique markets, and as a result, her studio is home to trunks, pottery, baskets, textiles, lanterns, and other items of the mid 1800’s. 

Born in Germany and raised in Louisiana, Heide earned a degree in graphic design while living in Texas. After working as a commercial artist for several years, and moving across the country twice, she and her husband Jim have settled in central Florida where she has been painting for the last 25 years. Her first success as a painter was with Arts for the Parks, having 21 paintings juried into 14 years of the show, and earning 8 awards.  She has since won major awards through the Oil Painters of America National Show, American Watercolor Society, The National Watercolor Society, The Desert Caballeros Museum, and the Hockaday Museum.

Born in Germany and raised in Louisiana, Heide earned a degree in graphic design while living in Texas. After working as a commercial artist for several years, and moving across the country twice, she and her husband Jim have settled in central Florida where she has been painting for the last 25 years.

2021 Calendars
The Age of Innocence

Bonnie Marris

Bonnie Marris has been studying and painting wolves, foxes, dogs and horses since childhood. She remembers her family home as a refuge for anyone in trouble, human or animal. “At one time we had two wolves and a three-month-old coyote living with us,” she recalls with a smile. Always, when Marris wasn’t around animals, she was painting them, and this love led her to pursue degrees in zoology and animal behavior. Animals are an integral part of both her life and her art.

She cites David Shephard, the great British painter and preservationist, as her hero and mentor. His mastery of color and pure magic on canvas, she says, motivate her every day to become more skillful, to make an animal seem to step off the linen canvas so that viewers hold their breath in preparation for the meeting. If anyone has never had the opportunity to see a fox running through a field and stopping suddenly to listen for a mouse, or to watch a pack of wild wolves at play, Marris wants to give that person some of the experience with a painting.

She also wants to let viewers see each animal she paints as an individual, to connect with its soul. “We all know that our dogs and cats have personalities and their own ways of being,” she says. “Well, this is also true of grizzlies, of horses, of wolves—all nature’s creatures. Once in Alaska, about thirty yards from my campsite, one wolf from a pack of twenty got down on her front elbows and wagged her tail at me in play mode. Another time a coyote spent a whole morning watching me watch a grizzly—and then hiked with me all afternoon and sat on a nearby hillside while I waited for more bears. A very grateful wild skunk once patiently let me clean caked mud off him after he had been stuck in a window well. Another skunk, very tame (or so I thought), attacked me while we were just walking in the woods.” Marris treasures her encounters with wildlife, and experiential uniqueness informs all of her paintings.

Studying color and light, Marris says, has become an obsession with her.  “Color sets a mood, an atmosphere that can create feelings ranging from contentment to terror. There are colors within colors, too. The many colors in a shadow, for instance, convey cold or heat. The way light plays with the subject is also very important. Light may dance across snow or water, then lead the eye through the thick fur of a wolf’s neck or flash in the corner of a cougar’s eye. I’m fascinated by hue changes in light as it ages with the day.”

Marris is very much a loner, spending most of her time in the fields and woods with a horse or a dog. She does a lot of outdoor photography and sketching and tries to take one major field/research trip a year. Watching polar bears along Hudson Bay, grizzlies fishing in Alaska, or elk sparring and bugling is thrilling, Marris says, but at the same time she finds herself impatient to get back to the studio to paint these sights. ––Then, back in the studio, she can’t wait to get outdoors again!

The passion Bonnie Marris has for wilderness, for animals, and for light and color come together in her art, and she feels her work has accomplished its purpose when a viewer feels that same passion.

2021 Calendars
Spirits in the Woods
Horses in the Wild
Sporting Dogs

Dave Barnhouse

Dave is an all-American boy, who's every bit as comfortable behind the wheel of his John Deere, as he is in front of the easel. He's a man of simple passions, who paints the things that he knows and loves.

Dave was raised in Richmond, Ohio, the little town that he still calls home. Dave's father made his living in the steel mill (the same work that Dave would eventually take to raise his own family).

School held little interest for Dave. In fact, Dave's mother famously said that the only reason he made it through at all was to stay on the football team. If she was exaggerating, it wasn't by much.

No matter the lesson, Dave's mind would wonder to the world outside the schoolhouse walls, to the fields and houses and barns. The town squares, cars, motorcycles and trucks. And the people, always the people.

You'll see these themes throughout Dave's paintings. Some would call it classic Americana, but for Dave Barnhouse, it's just the parts of a good life that drew him in.

Dave's artwork really took flight as a second career after decades of work in the steel mill. Fans might say that this wonderful run began with the print run of Dave's first commercially successful painting “Repairs”.

But family and friends know better. That's because drawing and painting have always been a part of life for Dave. Before he learned that he could make a living at it, creating art had been a consistent lifelong pleasure. The proof is in a thousand creations in garages, bedroom walls, scraps of paper and cardboard, even a giant mural outside the local high school.

When Dave finally decided to put his talent to the test, he discovered that he had something special. The images that he creates remind people of a treasured time. Sure, it's the carefully rendered automobiles, and landscapes. But it's also the men, women and children that live in these beautiful settings. Each one has a story to tell.

From that first painting until now, Dave has never looked back. He's been grateful for every moment that he gets to do the work he loves.

2021 Calendars
Dad's Cars, Trucks, & Tractors

Peggy Weed

The year 2004 was a defining date that affected my art careeer byond my dreams.  My personal goal has always been to be a fine artist ever since I was young.  I am most fortunate to have been able to take art classes from fine artists, such as Ellen Zelano, Dannie Dawson, Ken Schwartz, and Ted Reed.   Robert Johnson and Robert Liberace continue, like other artists, to influence my desire to learn, ever improve, and, most of all, to just paint.

My brush, canvas, and solitude are my constant companions.  Learning to paint in oils gives me the satisfaction I am painting in the best media for fine art.   

Growing up living on a farm influenced my love for animals.  To this day I treasure painting from childhood memories.   Equally so, I observe animals everywhere I can.  I spend days on a journey to find just the right pastoral scene with sheep, cows, and horses grazing in their solitude. Together we bond... creating paintings to share with you.

2021 Calendars
Adorable Cats
Adorable Dogs

Richard Clifton

Richard Clifton was born in Delaware in 1961.  He lives on a historic family farm adjoining the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge, where he is surrounded by inspiration for his art.  He is a self-taught wildlife artist who has chosen acrylics as his medium.

Waterfowl are one of his favorite subjects, leading him to paint 51 duck stamps from various states,including the 1996 Australian Duck Stamp, and the 2007-2008 Federal Duck Stamp. His latest wins are  the 2017-18 Louisiana, Oregon, North Carolina and Nevada State duck stamps.  Most recently the 2019 Delaware duck stamp.

Richard's work has been displayed in many of the top wildlife art shows throughout the country, including the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition and the Easton Waterfowl Festival.

His work has also appeared on magazine covers, T-shirts, a beer stein for Coors brewing company, and engraved on shotguns for Ducks Unlimited, and other related products.  Richard's art has been chosen several times for the D.U. National Art Package.  Also he has been named D.U. Artist of the Year 3 times and is the first artist to win in back to back years.  He has appeared in the documentary the "Million Dollar Duck", and on "D.U. TV" in an episode about his wildlife art, conservation efforts, and waterfowl hunting on his farm.

A casual birder and an avid hunter of waterfowl, deer and upland game, Richard uses his experiences in the field as inspiration for his work.

2021 Calendars
Birds in Nature

John Stevens

John Stevens was born and raised in northern  Maryland near the Mason Dixon line.  An early interest in photography led John to spend much of his youth exploring and photographing the old barns, mills and farm houses that dotted the Maryland- Pennsylvania Mason Dixon region. Primarily self taught , John credits the time spent as a youth photographing and developing pictures in the dark room with helping him develop a strong sense of composition, and a good understanding of dark and light values that are so evident in the watercolors he paints today.

A high school drafting class introduced the young student to two and three point perspective, thus forming the final leg in the stool that lead the artist to begin experimenting with drawing and painting. In a recent interview Stevens explained "it is essential for any artist to have a thorough understanding of the subject matter he /she is painting in order to capture the essence of the subject. That's what makes any artist excel, whether he is an actor, a song writer, a novelist or a painter. I enjoy painting, but it is really the subject matter that I am in love with."

Stevens work is noted for its uncommon attention to detail, and his ability to pull the viewer into the painting , often leaving the viewer with a sense of deeper understanding about the subject matter. John's work hangs in many corporate and private collections across the United States.

John & Sarah live in a restored 1870 miller's house and own historic Nolts Mill in Bird in Hand, Pennsylvania. The 1770 grist mill is a local landmark and has been renovated and now serves as a gallery of John's and Sarah's work. Located in the heart of the Amish tourism area of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a visit to the Nolts Mill gallery makes for a great day trip.

2021 Calendars 
Vintage Homes

Wayne Mondok

Wayne was born in Toronto and is a self-taught artist who began drawing at an early age. In 1983, he attended Humber College Graphic Design Program. After graduating in 1985, Wayne worked as a graphic artist for a few years. In 1988, he began painting full time, and has done various commercial work, including novel covers, book illustrations and other advertisements.
Wayne published his first limited edition reproduction in 1988, entitled "Reflections of the Past". This painting portrays the historic steamship "R.M.S. Segwun". Reflected in the water of the painting, is an older image from the ship's past.

Most of Wayne's paintings are done with acrylics, although he sometimes uses oils, watercolours or gouache. Wayne paints various sized works mostly on canvas, masonite or illustration board.
His subject matter covers a wide variety of areas, as seen in his painting "Toronto St.". This collage was done in acrylics on canvas and was published as a poster. It shows many different Toronto area scenes, including landscapes, cityscapes, wildlife, and various transportation vehicles.
As Wayne comments; "That painting took quite a while to finish. There was a lot of lettering involved, as well as the placement and design of the images. It's basically a group of small, detailed paintings incorporated onto one large canvas."
Wayne works from his studio just outside Toronto, and is currently represented at the Westmount Gallery in Toronto and Koyman Galleries in Ottawa.

2021 Calendars 
At The Water's Edge

Luke Buck

Luke Buck, a native "Hoosier", grew up in Indiana with a love for life, art, and nature that is evident in his nostalgic paintings of Americana landscapes and American wildlife. He was raised in a family of artist with not only his father, but also his Mother, one Sister, and three Brothers, all of who were blessed with artistic talents from fine arts, to music, and poetry.

Most of Luke's art education and influence came from training he received from his artist father Harold Buck, whom he shared a studio with for many years. Earning a scholarship while attending Arsenal Technical High School, Luke studied figure drawing at the John Heron Art Institute, both in Indianapolis, Indiana. He majored in art here at "Tech" High School, and received a Vocational Certificate in Commercial Art upon his graduation in 1960. This launched Luke's art career with the schools job placement program and employment as an illustrator at the Herff Jones Co. in Indianapolis, IN. In 2012 Luke was honored when the Arsenal Technical High School, Alumni Association, presented him with the "Alumnus Of The Year" award for his continued success in his chosen vocation.

One of Luke's favorite quotes is by one of his favorite artist, Clark Hulings; "An artist who says he is self-taught and draws from his own knowledge, is depending on a limited resource, and runs the risk of repeating himself." We all can learn from the knowledge of others, and then work to enhance this knowledge with our own efforts and imagination. To this Luke credits his advanced training and education to his father, his colleagues, and artist friends whom have generously shared their knowledge and expertise with him through the years with on the job training.

Luke’s father had once advised him to paint, not to please others, but to please each artist toughest critic; Himself. “Satisfy yourself with a painting, if you’re happy, others will be happy too.” Remembering those words, when Buck is content with a painting, he always adds a personal final touch to it in an inconspicuous place - his fingerprint.

Luke's inspiration comes through the encouragement and confidence expressed from his partner in life and work, his wife Coleen.  When not at their lakefront home and studio in southern Indiana, Luke and Coleen travel the blue highways and byways of America capturing its beauty with his palette.  One of his goals, and near completion, is to visit and paint a scene from every state in the United States.

2021 Calendars

Shawn Gould

Art and nature have always been important parts of Shawn’s life. Growing up, he spent many days outdoors exploring the streams and woodlands near his home. These formative experiences first established his deep love of nature and his unending curiosity to see more. Along the way he learned to follow the path less traveled, a path that he continues to explore today.

Shawn began his art career as an illustrator, creating award winning science and natural history illustrations for clients like the National Geographic Society, Smithsonian Institute, and National Audubon Society. This was an important time to hone his skills and learn to be professional in a creative environment. After working as an illustrator for a decade, he was able to turn his attention to creating his own paintings full time.

Shawn’s paintings are a blend of photorealism and tonalism with areas of precise detail giving way to softer edges and muted tones. The result is everyday nature seen through the eyes of the artist. Nature provides a constant stream of new inspiration with its ever changing conditions of seasons, weather, and light. Shawn’s goal is to capture the fleeting moments when all of these elements come together to change an ordinary scene into something special. Drawing inspiration from these personal experiences also brings an authentic realism to his work. This realism is balanced by passages where detail gives way to a looser, more suggestive representation making room for the viewer’s own imagination.

Shawn’s work has received national recognition in American Art Collector, Western Art Collector and American Artist Magazines. His paintings have been exhibited in the Buffalo Bill Art Show, Birds in Art, the Society of Animal Artists’ Art of the Animal, as well as galleries and museums across the nation. He has been awarded First Place in the Artists Magazine Annual Competition, First Place in the Richeson 75 Animals, Birds, and Wildlife Competition, and an Award of Excellence at the NatureWorks Art Show. Shawn is a Signature Member of the Society of Animal Artists.

2021 Calendars
Splendor of Birds

Suzie Seerey-Lester

Suzie Seerey-Lester was a professional diver for over 30 years.  As a Diving Instructor Trainer, Lester traveled around the world, as the first woman to teach diving, and license instructors.  While working for the CIA, she taught CIA Agents, Secret Service Agents, US Marshals, FBI Agents and other law enforcement personnel how to dive, perform search and recovery as well as other “specialized” skills. Traveling gave Suzie the opportunity to see extraordinary underwater creatures up close, which she captured in her earlier paintings. 

Seerey-Lester now travels worldwide to paint, including the rainforest in Guatemala, Africa, England, Spain, Mexico, and Italy also nearer to home, Alaska, California, Florida, South and North Carolina, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, and Maine. Seerey-Lester has expanded her artwork to include plein air. 

Seerey-Lester is licensed by the State of Florida as Marine Turtle Rescue Personnel.  She walks the beach of Casey Key every morning from May until November, she verifies turtle nests, and helps rescue baby turtles when they hatch. Seerey-Lester received the President’s Volunteer Service Award in 2008.  She has been working with the turtles since 2001.  In January 2000 Suzie married world-renowned wildlife artist, John Seerey-Lester, and her life has been an adventure ever since.  They live, work and play in Florida.

2021 Calendars
Hidden Roads

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