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The Tarnished Collar

The Tarnished Collar

After I sold Erin Hills Golf Course in October of 2009, a friend suggested I write a book about my Journey to the U.S. Open. For several months, I pursued the idea. At the same time during 2010, I began to write a story, a novel about the Roads of Wabash County.

Later, January 11, 2011 to be exact, another friend suggested I should write about the troubles in the archdiocese of Milwaukee, the abuse scandal. I replied that I knew not about the struggles of the Catholic Church, let alone write a book.

Maybe hard to believe, but that very night, pen in hand, the story began to unfold. They say a story will tell itself. I can attest to that.

Author Robert Allen Lang’s compelling novel connects the intimate lives of its characters and their shattered worlds.

The strong and the weak lives are intertwined. Intimate love stories, crime and murder, a priest’s compassion and a bishops wicked acts all deliver a heart throbbing, page turning read.

Circa 1958, this Advance Reader Edition is a haunting thriller novel and powerful morality play. 

You will be captivated right up to the last chapter… the last paragraph… the very last sentence. Powerful truth written in fiction. The Tarnished Collar… a novel about Journey to Justice.

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